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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why you should consider buying through DREAMWalker Group: Explained

Simply put: my website at DREAMWalker Group provides an easy way for people to use the companies from which they normally buy books (and other items) -- with a twist.  

I take 40% from my commissions and use that to sponsor literary events and literary organizations. 

This isn't a gimmick -- though is sounds gimmicky! -- but it IS a way for all of us to give back to the suffering literary community.  I show right on my homepage how much I've currently earned and how much of that is slated for the literary community.

Let's face it: the literary community is under siege.

The Dying Bookstore Business Model (by The Electronic Author — News and Information for Self-Publishing, Site of Author Wallace Wang) explains better than I can right, here and now, what's happening now to and in the literary/commercial world.  It's terrible.  Small local bookstores -- the ones where you can actually browse or sit down and read part of a book -- are fast becoming a dinosaurs, or worse -- deceased.

And it's particularly horrific for bookstores that cater to specific groups -- such as travel bookshops, educational bookstores, and LGBT bookstores (see Gay Bookstores: A Dying Breed – an article by Jesse Monteagudo.)  

Heck, even the big ones are going under!

Now I'm not going to get all high and mighty and say I don't use or other online stores to buy my stuff -- because I'd be lying big time.  In my busy world, where I'm self-employed and trying to ilk the most productive time out of my day, it's just easier to buy on line and have a package waiting the next day.  That's the plain and simple truth.

Long story short: we're running out of options.  Pretty soon the only place to buy will be online.  Sad, unbelievable, unconscionable, unfair?  I guess it is what it is, so ...

Knowing that I'm probably no different than a lot of other folks, I decided to just make the items available on my website -- and then return 40% back to the community -- my community -- which is primarily the literary community.  Sure, others could use the money, but the authors, editors, publishers, and bookstores are really hurting.

I can't know for sure -- but I'm guessing the big companies aren't giving 40% back to causes -- any causes (except, possibly, political ones).  We can -- and ought to.

So please buy your things on my site -- and you have my promise to give 40% back.   And visit me daily to see how my numbers are doing!  Your visiting will help Google search engines, etc., find me.

Remember, 40% of $100 is only $40.00 back to literary causes; but 40% of $1,000,000 is $400,000.00 ... money literary causes could really, really use -- and soon.

The rest of the money will go to helping maintain this site and pay my mortgage, food, and running my small business.  One I reach a certain income ceiling -- say $15,000 -- I'll change the percentages and give even more to literary causes.  And dedicate my own time to writing more!

So please consider using my site to help authors, editors, publishers -- at least this way the money will be going back home.

Thanks for your consideration -- with gratitude,

Michael Walker
DREAMWalker Group
Washington, DC

p.s.  Incidentally, I also do completely-free-of-charge web profiles on my site for authors -- contact me so I can set your up today!
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