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Monday, January 2, 2012

Outlook 2012

Well, it's 2012 and -- depending on your belief system and your general life outlook -- this is either going to be the most fantastic year of our lives or the very last one.

According to how some perceive the calendar of the ancient Maya, this year (2012) is going to:

  • End on Doomsday, December 21, 
  • Be the beginning, middle, and/or end of a massive, tumultuous cosmic-shift in global human consciousness that will result in the transformation of survivors into enlightened beings, or
  • Wind up being just another year

Of course, the Mayan Calendar deal could really just be another instance of "you say" and "I say" ways of looking at the world and the expectations we bring to our everyday lives.

I myself, depending upon the degree of my own contact with my Inner Self at a given moment, have wavered on this theoretical event over the years -- going so far as to get into pissing matches about it with good, kind people during all sorts of social engagements. Deleting some, patronizing others, and completely grokking or otherwise resonating and commiserating with still others.

Part of me wants to believe that the world is ending (e.g. the undeserving are going to be crushed out of existence by some knowing God/dess or entity who, like Santa Claus, is keeping track of all our good and bad deeds.). While the other part of me knows with a passion and certainty that nothing like this could or would happen in a universe that is intrinsically neutral and merely a reflection of my own internal condition, inner beliefs, and expectations. In other words, reality is a reflection of what I believe ... what I expect is what I get.

The key here, of course, is understanding that the "part" of me that wants to be rewarded for "being good" and seeks revenge on the "bad ones" is my ego or lower self. The other part of me, my inner Higher Self, knows that there is no such thing as"bad" -- because we all come from the same Source, what some call God, Goddess, The Force, Higher Self, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Great Father/Mother, or etc.

The spirit of this belief system is one of non-duality. Only God exists and everything that appears to exist outside of God is merely an illusion. But, as physicist Albert Einstein said, it's a very persistent illusion. Ultimately, we created the illusion when we were "born" into it and maintained it -- alone and with the assistance of well-meaning others -- throughout our lives. The longer we allowed this illusion to exist, the stronger it became and the more difficult to expose as the lie that it truly is.
A wise man, recognizing that the world is but an illusion, does not act as if it is real, so he escapes the suffering. – Buddha (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)
An important part of the illusion -- which really snags us -- is the idea of lack and limitation. We believe we are inferior to our Source -- forgetting that we are children or outpourings of the source. As such, we are at least heirs to the Source and heirs to the "kingdom" it represents. Since our separation from Source is basically impossible, we can't really lack anything or be limited by anything. But our experience in this world of form often suggests otherwise.

That's because our egos manipulate us into believing its lies -- and we become persuaded or convinced that those lies must be true. People die in this world of form, for instance, therefore form must exist and form must ultimately become nonexistent. But form, which is fluid and which can be destroyed, is not real. Spirit, which is changeless and very real, is immortal.
Not one thing in the world is true. It does not matter what the form in which it may appear. It witnesses but to your own illusions of yourself. Let us not be deceived today. We are the Sons of God. There is no fear in us, for we are each a part of Love itself. – Lesson 240, A Course In Miracles
Practicing meditation and other forms of experiential union with Your Source can help you understand that form doesn't really exist; it's an illusion or a covering placed over truth to mislead you. Beneath all form (including the form of life and death) exists the reality of Oneness. It can't die because it is changeless and is the Source of everything.  If it has to have a name, the closest word I can come to define the nature of Source would be love.
‎It's better to die to who we think we are before who we think we are dies. -- Thomas Vieira 
Over the last eleven years (give or take a few) I began this serious venture into spiritual self-introspection that has led me to where I am today. Where I am today is basically the same person I was when I first ventured on that path, but with a lot less misperceptions of who I am, expectations about how I coulda shoulda woulda been, and with a lot less emotional, spiritual, and physical baggage than I had before starting on the path. (I'm defining "baggage" here as all the clutter that I've carried around in my head and stored in my various closets.)

I, myself, am not "there" yet, by any stretch of the imagination, but I am working at it as best I can, one day at a time, and with varying degrees of success.
One of the reasons I love social media sites -- like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn -- is that they expose my real self to the world.  Many people are very worried about security and identification theft, etc. -- whereas I am more concerned with the daily theft of who I am -- by my ego.  By putting "myself" out there every day, I am letting all of you (who are reflections of my own inner self, right?) have a shot at showing me my own warts, defects of character, and bags of crapola. I don't like that when it happens -- but it keeps me more in line than I can be when I traverse this path alone.
The ego is not master in its own house. – From A Difficulty in the Path of Psycho-Analysis, 1917.
Thus, you all become my greatest teachers and I get to witness my own personal healing on a deep level of self.

Here are a few of my own personal projects and plans for the year 2012:
  • Decide whether to stay in Washington, DC longer or move to another area, possibly Ft. Lauderdale, to continue my life journey.
  • Continue my studies of non-duality and spirituality, specifically through A Course in Miracles and teachers like Adyashanti (website, video: Welcome to Reality, Bentinho Massaro (website, video: Understanding Life is Impossible), and Jed McKenna ; possibly start a meetup group to offer a way to contemplate non-duality with others.
  • Through the meetup group, Gay and Retired Elders and the People Who Love Them, discover more like-minded retirees in the area with which to hang out.
  • Through the meetup group, The Tribe of Beltway Shamans, learning more about shamanic healing and how to be a caretaker of the planet upon which we still live.
  • Through my Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn pages, maintain conscious contact with all my friends and teachers, old and new.
  • Through my personal site, DREAMWalker Group, continue attempting, with your help, to give cold cash back to the literary community. I do this by sharing my commissions from book and other sales with literary community-minded sites and individual. (See why I think you should consider helping me with this by buying all your books and other items through the links on my site ... here and here.
  • Through another personal site, Awakened Man, offer my creative talents (writing, social media management, and healing of body/mind/spirit through a variety of techniques) to other students and teachers. While, at the same time, put together enough cold, hard cash to support myself.
  • Decide what I want to be when I grow up.
My conscious effort at self-knowing has led me to a more balanced lifestyle of relaxation, using better coping strategies (at times), gaining better skills for communicating, and modifying my behaviors to have a happier and healthier life.

Some days seem to be failures at personal growth; other days seems huge successes. It's the old one step backward, five steps forward thing.

I prefer to think of our personal and spiritual development more like a spiral staircase rising toward the sky. While we're on the staircase, climbing higher and higher, the vantage point seems to change very little. But with each step we take -- though the view seems only partially changed -- we are still moving further along and higher than we were the step before.

The groovy part is that there's room on the staircase for all of us, together!

Life's all good -- and all is well


If you haven't let it go, you're still holding on.
      -- Michael Walker, February 3, 2011

If your like what you read here ... please post comments.  They help me with my life journey!
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Henry North London 2.0 said...

It may just be an ordinary year, though things are going to get worse , that is for sure.

Michael Walker said...

My faith lies in the fact that whatever happens in the world of form, "we" will be alright. However, since I'm the creator of my own reality, I understand that it's up to me to keep the "whatevers" positive and upbeat!

Melissa said...

Much of what you say resonates with me. However, I have to say that I disagree with you on at least one point. Okay, I disagree with you and Teilhard de Chardin. :-)

I don't think we are solely spiritual beings having a human experience. We are physical *and* spiritual. That's why Christmas is such a huge deal. God became a person -- a helpless baby, even! -- and lived with us. Jesus was wholly human and wholly divine, and he came to affirm that we are all human *and* spiritual; each of us has a body *and* a soul.

You and I don't usually get to the nitty-gritty of Christianity like this. And I have to say that it doesn't make me think you're completely nuts when I know that you disagree with me. It's just a useful thing to discuss -- with love, as always. {{{{Michael}}}}

Anonymous said...

GREAT!!! I DON'T WHERE TO BEGIN. I agree with it all even though I forget it most of the time but I do come back to the truth from time to time especially after MEDITATION. It is truth.

Michael Walker said...

Melissa, I believe that the physical realm -- the part we think is so solid and so "real" -- is actually an illusion created by our ego to distract us from who we really are -- Spirit, one with Source. The physical world of form in general, and the body in particular, are the ego's greatest trick(s) for convincing us that we're separate from God/dess or The One.

In fact, everything that can fade -- which includes all form and energy (or "this world") -- is proof-positive that the ego is wrong. This is because Spirit can never die, can never fade; for Spirit is immortal and does not change. Therefore we, as spiritual beings living in human bodies, cannot change either. Ask yourself -- when you pray and imagine yourself praying (or live your life and imagine yourself living your life), then who is the "you" observing yourself praying or living?

When you are so engrossed in meditation that you're aware of yourself being all-awareness -- who is it that is aware?

The ego tries to convince us that "death" and "change" are the proof that we are different than God, separate from God. When, in fact, the opposite is true. Once we can see passed (and past) the ego's lies -- once we can shed the illusions of separation -- we instantly realize we are ONE with all that there is.

The sole purpose of the body -- from the ego's point of view -- is to prove that God is "out there" and that we cannot really know God. On the other hand, the body can be used by Spirit, via us, to exist in this world, dedicating ourselves to knowing and spreading the all-encompassing Truth.

And all the stories we tell ourselves, be they our memories of our past experiences or stories passed down from generation to generation about "where we came from" ... are merely stories. Only the now exists and only the Higher Self experiences the now moment. Clinging on to the stories merely serves to attach us to form; and form doesn't really exist.

Moment to moment, we can practice letting go and experiencing our Spirit-selves; or we can stay attached to bodies and other forms, proving the ego is right at continuing to believe that we are in a state of continual separation from God.

Moment to moment, we can love one another as sisters and brothers until each and every one of us returns to love.

Dartagnon Puissant said...

Well, Michael ... Happy 2012 ... we made it ... now lets see how far we can go with it.
The Mayan Calendar measures shifts in "Man's Enlightenment" and since we are currently at a crossroad, we can go in SEVERAL directions. Most of us are opting for continuing on a 5th dimensional plane, while the "Die-Hards" will most likely opt for the same old 3D stuff and possibly WWIII.
Those of us on the 5th Dimensional Journey will seek to power our planet using Natural, energies such as geo-thermal, wind, and solar, and while the 3D Earth becomes dark and polluted with smog, our 5D Earth will get cleaner by the day, and paradise will once gain be within our grasp.
Our Current Period, as of 2/10/11, is the Period of Cosmic Co-Creation ... in other words, what we SAY is what we GET! So, its a BAD time to be telling people to go to Hell or wishing them dead ... not only will your wishes come true but the bad karma flashback will be torturous.
BUT, this makes this a
GREAT time to bring world peace, feed all the starving people, and perhaps, fill that Giant Safe that has been empty for years.

May 2012 be fun for you and prosperous for all of us ... let's spread Love, and Peace to pandemic levels!

Michael Walker said...

Henry North London and Dartagnon Puissant --

I agree with you both; but using the word, "bad", HNL, is probably not exactly accurate. Remember one man's ceiling is usually another man's floor. What we consider "bad" is probably just Mother Earth balancing the scales! Not bad from her perspective. Sure, payback's a bitch, but nobody can say some of did warn you over and over and over again.

And, of course, there's the old saw that challenges are really just lessons in disguise (usually a thinly veiled disguise, LOL!).

Dartagnon, that safe you mentioned is still empty -- and, unfortunately, locked. In fact, it was locked when I moved into this place and I haven't been able to find a locksmith capable of opening it. Now that you mention it, maybe it's NOT empty ... MAYBE it has a gadzillion dollars in it and all the answers to all my problems are right on the other side of that metal door. Snuggled safely and waiting for someone able to move through three dimensional objects. Spiritually I don't need the money, of course, but wouldn't it be nice to just roll my physical body around in it for a while. Another LOL, this one even louder!

Thanks for the feedback, y'all. I'm extraordinarily luck to have friends like each and everyone of you!

Dartagnon Puissant said...

Reminds me of that old Chinese proverb about the vase that had the fortune inside it ... but no one looked inside. Sounds like its an old safe. U need someone OLD to open it ... u either have to find a very old locksmith or check with the local authorities and find out who in prison could help u once they get out ... someone who will be out relatively soon. You might have to advertise on Craig's List and ask people to search their friends for "the One Lockmsmith" who can open ANYTHING. The person exists ... the Quest is for YOU to find him. My uncle gave away a safe that I could have hidden in. He was going to give it to me but I had NOTHING that could carry it. My truck suspension was heavy duty but this thing weighed TONS! Glad now that I don't have to lug it around but it would still be kewl to have one.
We have a locksmith locally who thinks he can open anything ... is around 40'ish ... if u have a name and maybe a make or model or serial number, I can ask him if he can pop her open. If ALL of your friends ask enough people, the answer will shine forth. Its one of the Universal Laws. :-)

Dartagnon Puissant said...

I just keep praising the Universe and "The Powers" for their never-ending cleverness and their ability to always surprise and delight me with their daily puzzles and conundrums ... but the secret is that there is ALWAYS an answer! So its simply a matter of finding it! Also, this makes the Universe always try to beat itself and come up with something better for ever more accolades. Knowing that anything negative would be an extreme "let-down" the only answer is to provide GOOD experiences.
Life is good!

Dartagnon Puissant said...

It just hit me ... Michael, Californians just passed a law that when our State Senate bogs down and loses a contract or fails to pass a timely budget and costs the taxpayers money, they forfeit their pay until the problem is corrected. In California the purpose is lost in that they get back pay that covers the lost wages should they get off of their derrieres and take action ... so my proposal for a NATIONAL Federal plan would be to cut off Congress from ALL of their pay if they deadlock for political reasons, or lower our credit rating again for their failure to act timely on certain matters. In other words, it could be called the "No Work ... No Pay" Bill, or referendum. I doubt we could count on Congress to pass it so we would have to put it on the ballot in 2012. I have no clue what to do to make this work but was hoping that you, Michale, would have the connections and the smarts to get this sucker enacted toote suite (not sure on the frenchy spelling) so I leave this in YOUR capable hands but if u need any help, feel free to ask.
But this would be a good idea, yes?

Dartagnon Puissant said...

Just to show Melissa what can happen to a devout Catholic whose mind is "trained" by the Jesuit order in High School, I'd like to point out that I am still loyal to Jesus Christ but have given up on the "old gods" that date back to our "Founding Fathers" some 350,000 years ago, and who brought with them the concept of a Trinity with God the Father (Ramis) the Queen Mother (Semi-Ramis) and the "Swaddling" Tamuuz ... but feeling I owe allegiance to someone MUCH higher than myself, I am compelled to worship a being I call "The Creator". Yes, a name is a name, but it helps me to distinguish.

Also, I seem to have come to believe that a part of God is within us all ... perhaps as our on-board Conscience, or linked, perhaps, to the aether which contains ALL the knowledge of the past, present and future.

Jesus Christ gave us a Great Gift ... one that is wasted on many ... but He allowed us to see God within ourselves ... when His apostles asked Him "Where is God?" ... Jesus replied "Look Within!". I have since wondered if it is not US who fashion God in OUR image and likeness since we attribute many earthly qualities upon Him. I almost believe that God is so busy with all of His projects that he may not even know that we exist, but He is always sending us updates and upgrades ... too bad many people do not hear Him calling when He shouts their names! <<2B cont'd>>>

Dartagnon Puissant said...

Part II (the continuation)
I also enjoyed the book and CD, "The Secret" which told me that I was the Fashionista of My Very Own World and that My Mind was the One who fashioned what I was to do each day and how my world would unfold each day before me. I learned that if things don't work out its because I did NOT think them out well enough and that I should try harder the next time. Also that there are many people in this world who would like things to go their way, which in many cases MAY be against YOUR way, and maybe they have the numbers so THEY WIN! But you just have to try THAT much harder the next time.

IMHO, Life is about LOVE and Learning. Whatever we do to accomplish those two goals is GOOD ... when we drift from those goals the outcome is not as good. When I learn something and/or help a stranger, the warmth inside is all the reward necessary. And as long as we BELIEVE that things will be alright ... they will BE! One last note ... for the LAST 16.4 billion years everything that was SUPPOSED to happen ... DID ... exactly on time and just as it was supposed to happen ... and YES, Michael, the next 2-4 years will be the ABSOLUTE BEST EVER according to TWO Mayan Ph.D's who are quoted on right at the top of the first page. They explain the coming Age of Aquarius in One Word .... BLISS! Sure, 80% of the World may perish in the floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity but the 20% of us who make it out will carve out a NEW Society for the New World and it will be Glorious to be Sure. Refer to the website above for any last minute details about surviving but stay in touch with your Higher Power and be sure to LISTEN for the Call for when it is time to move to Higher Ground or Underground.
This planet is a "Training Planet" where we keep learning over and over and over HOW to be nice to others, humble and compassionate, loving and kind ... until we get it right ... and EACH time the Planet has to go thru an ENTIRE MAke - Over to cleanse itself of all our pollution and trash ... but that is EXACTLY what is supposed to happen. We are not the first recruits to go thru here and we will not be the last ... but I feel we are, perhaps, the MOST FORTUNATE of most to experience this period in Earth's ascendancy as we jump up another notch on the evolutionary scale. There is SO MUCH to learn ... The Dragon website listed above will take WEEKS to exhaust totally, traveling all the myriad of links and sub-pages until questions that you never even knew you had ... are answered. But there is no perfect answer to everything ... daily research is a given and the only thing that is guaranteed is daily change ... in ourselves and everything around us as we learn to perceive in different modes.

En Todo ... WE are a TRINITY ... Mind, Soul, and Body ... God the Father (the mind that oft gets us into trouble), the Holy Ghost (Spirit), and Jesus Christ (the Body). Once again we discover that God, the Trinity, may not be such a Mystery at all once we know that God is made in OUR Image and Likeness ... after all who writes about God the most? Who talks about God the most? And How Many People have spoken with God (REALLY)? And does ANYONE (really) know what God wants, thinks, or even wishes? And yet for me I talk with Him daily and KNOW that HE exists ... that little place inside me tells me so!

Dartagnon Puissant said...

Things will be reasonably quiet for the next year or so ... Until Planet X, Nibiru, the Brown Dwarf, comes BACK on its return from around the sun. It knocked Saturn off its axis when it entered our system heading for its "annual" trek around the sun ... (Nibiru has been long considered by many to be one of our "Lost Planets" due to its ODD rotaion around our Sun ,,, every 3600 years. It is 5 TIMES the size and density of Earth so when it comes "close" to smaller planets it causes them to SHAKE violently (standard Physics for any planetary object of smaller mass that is approached by a larger body). Once the comet Elanin passes Earth, which is ABOUT To happen or HAS happened, depending on when u read this missive, we have ONE YEAR before Nibiru will pass between Mars and Jupiter, complete with its moons that revolve around it. But its timing this time could not have been worse. The Age Change will ramp up the tides and put the Earth on edge already, but the magnetic influence of Nibiru will be "almost" too much for our tiny planet to bear.

It will be spectacular nonetheless, and for those who survive it will be GREAT fireplace material for your grandkids ... as in stuff to remember while gathered around the fireplace in winter. :-)

Anne-Marie Valton said...

I have decided this year will be as it is going to be. I thank my God each and every day I wake up, I give the day to my Leader - and trust everyting is gong to be in the best possible way ..
And so far it works brilliantly!