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Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspired Plan That Involves YOU

I have this website that has profiles of authors and links to their books at -- as well as information about the author, contact info, links to other books with similar subject matter, lists of the writer's favorite authors, and more.

I provide these profiles free of charge -- one reason being to increase traffic to my site.

Why free?  Because whenever a person clicks on links at my site, I get about a 5% commission.  Now you might be thinking:
  • That's a lot of money for me (it's really not, see my site's earnings from 2000-2010).
  • That's not fair -- because shouldn't the author be getting the commissions?
Well, I do wish the author was getting more of the commission; so (and this is my second reason for providing the profiles for free) to make up for that, I decided to give 40% of every commission back to the literary community in the form of sponsorships to literary events and support of literary organizations.  With the hope that if ever I made more money at this, I would also like to offer scholarships and awards to writers.

And that's where you come in.

With your help, I could do that.  If enough people came to my site, bookmarked, and used the box or links on the site, and did nothing else at all -- I would be able to give back more and more.  

(And in my wildest dreams I could do the math and say ... "think about it; 40% of $1,000, 000 is $400,000 back to the literary community.  And frankly, once I pay my mortgage every month and get some food in me, I'd probably donate even more.  That's just the way I am.)

Remember, when you go to the website to buy your books and other items -- they give nothing to anyone in return (that I know of).  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.

Buy the exact same book, record,  lawn mower, or any other item using one of my box or links on the site, and I donate 40% back to literary causes!

I've been building this site for nearly ten years and my dream has never changed.  Each year I have sponsored or donated to Lambda Literary and the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival. But that's just not enough.  I want to be able to do more.

Can you help?  Can you make my website and this unique idea go viral?
  • Visit DREAMWalker Group and look around.  Hate what you see?  Let me know; I'm a solitary guy and could use your technical advice.
  • If you're on Twitter (I'm @AwakenedMan), tweet the following (or something similar) to everyone you know who buys books:

    Free author profiles at I donate 40% of commissions to literary causes. Plz visit-retweet
  • Befriend me on Facebook ( and talk about my plan.  Tell all your friends.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn (  and talk about my plan.  Tell all your associates.
  • Look at our earnings from 2000-2010 and realize this has been my labor of love.  Please help me turn it all around now and really be able to give back!
With your help, I can do what other sites like aren't doing.  I can give back to our community.

Thanks for your support!

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1 comment:

LitBoy said...

Michael, what's your Amazon Associates code? Please email it to me or just post it here. This would help me to construct proper URLs so that I can help get Dreamwalker Group some additional affiliate commissions.